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I am a mechanical engineer doing product development and I want this printer to make low cost prototypes before building ones out of the real materials.

I ordered the printer Thursday evening and received it on Monday so delivery time was a day faster than anticipated.
The packaging of this thing is professionally done and very high quality. The box is sturdy cardboard and the sub-assemblies are individually packaged in a high quality packing foam layer that is cut to precision so that the parts are snug and protected with a thick layer around them. Moving assemblies were immobilized by tie wraps holding them tight. I don't see this kind of packaging except in quality products so I was very impressed from the outset. Obviously there was no damage to anything.

I took the 3 sub-assemblies out, the bottom bed assembly, the gantry assembly and the power supply assembly along with several small bags of tools, tie wraps, screws, an extra limit switch, filament sensor, tape, roll of filament and several other miscellaneous essentials. There were a few minor shallow cosmetic scratches on the aluminum bed but otherwise the visual cosmetic quality of all the surfaces of the parts was of very good quality and much higher than I expected.

I tossed out the assembly instructions because I had watched a Youtube video by San Tube the night before and it was so detailed that I knew it would be the way I assembled mine. It took me about 1 hour to completely unbox and assemble the unit. All parts were there and everything went as in the video, except the manufacturer had added a filament sensor upgrade but it only took me 5 minutes to figure out how it assembled and connect it. The whole assembly experience was simple and I credit the manufacturer with good labels, intuitive design and quality made parts that fit together perfectly with no misaligned holes or anything like that. I also credit the video with very clear instructions and good camera work.

It took another 30 minutes to level the bed, feed in the filament, place some glue on the bed and start my print. Again, everything went perfectly, the bed leveled nicely with a slight concave bow in the center yet the print started with no problems and printed beautifully. I believe the stock cat print was done with highest precision and I was totally not expecting the quality level of surface finish on this print. It way exceeded my expectations compared to many I have had made for me from outside sources. These are very fine quality, although that does take longer to print than the quick and rough ones.

The user interface to set up the machine and make prints is very easy to understand and intuitive to use. I had no troubles at all.

Next I downloaded Cura version 3.1 software for free and installed it in my laptop. For those just starting out, the way 3D prints work is to first create a 3D CAD file in whatever CAD system you use and then generate an STL file from the CAD software. Next step is to open up Cura and import that STL file and position it in the orientation you want it built, then set all the things like materials, infill, support, etc before generating a gcode file. Cura is a slicer software that generates the instructions for your printer to know how many layers to make and how course to print, speed, bed temperatures, etc. You don't have to use Cura since there are many other slicers around but Cura is free and it works with many printers including the CR-10S. Anyway I pulled a part that I designed last week and created an STL file and then imported it into Cura and generated the gcode file and saved it to the microSD card that came with the CR-10S unit. I loaded this into the card slot and started the print. It took about half an hour at the fastest speed and course resolution but came out quickly. Now the course resolution is OK for the first attempt but I will print another finer one if I want to show it around to other people. I know how good this printer can do based on the cat so I am confident I can build impressive prints with fine surface quality.

In summary, I was blown away by the quality of this product, the ease of assembly, the simplicity of using it and quality of the prints. I have no hesitation in recommending it.


This is my first 3D printer. After reading a ton of reviews and soar hing YouTube comparisons. I decided this product has the best bang for the buck. I have printed a few things already and I am simply a amazed by the quality and accuracy on pla plastic prints. The hardest thing which I don't think is unique to this printer is to get the bed levelled and the print nozzle at the perfect distance from the bed to get that first print layer right and have it stick to the glass or tape etc. When you get that the rest just prints perfectly.

I did buy it knowing I would have to print an extruder upgrade to allow Flexible TPU/TPE to not get stuck in extruder feed mechanism. Also I have not yet tried printing ABS, but I understand I will need to insulate the bed and make a sort of inclosure to keep the bed temp high enough.

Fro. What I have seen so far this thing is great value and arrived well packaged and I damaged


Great product, easy to use, very happy with the printing results and will purchase again!

The layers bond really well to each other, so far the filament is consistent at a diameter of 1.71mm(this is my first roll so far).

I recommend this to anyone who likes a cheap but good quality material to print.

My print turned out great with the following settings:
Hotend 215 Celsius
Bed 60 Celsius
Extrusion Multiplier 1.0
Retraction 2.4 mm @ 30mm/s
Print speed of 60mm/s
Z layer height of 0.2mm

Printed object in images is Apple Watch and AirPods dock / charger by eagle06 from thingiverse

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Second
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