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CR-5S equipment instructions

CR-5S equipment instructions


Equipment instructions






  • Prepare before printing
  1. Connect the power supply, turn on the switch and install two material racks respectively
  2. Feeding (Note: 1, before the feed needs to be preheated nozzle, click "Prepare" ☞ "Preheat Pla”, the material can be fed until the temperature is heated to the specified temperature.) Observe the nozzle and stop feeding when the filament comes out.




Replace consumables in the non-printing process, or need to pull out the consumables when the machine is not used for a long time. Firstly, preheat the nozzle to the specified temperature, manually send the consumables to the nozzle outlet, quickly pull out the consumables. replace consumables during printing, you need to select “change filament” on “TUNE” or “Adjust” interface, wait until the nozzle returns to the specified position, and there is a drop of sound, quickly pull out the consumables, replace the new consumables with the nozzle, clean the next Residual consumables at the nozzle, press the button to continue printing.

When the nozzle is plugged (the extruder gear will rebind, there are buzzing sounds and there is a lot of powder), you need to clean the nozzle. The cleaning steps are as follows:
(1) First heat the nozzle temperature to 220 degrees, it can be manually wire feeding to see if the filament comes out  smoothly, then use a small needle up and down through the nozzle, manual wire feeding;
(2) If plugging still occurs, then the nozzle needs to be replaced. First of all, the temperature is heated to 220, use pliers or a wrench to hold the heat block, then use the nozzle sleeve to cover the nozzle, turn clockwise to unscrew the nozzle, clean or replace the new nozzle (pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle).

Platform leveling and stickers
After a printout, when we used a utility knife to peel the printout from the plate, we sometimes accidentally damage the film on the print plate. To facilitate the stripping of the next print, we need to reattach the platform to the platform. the specific steps are as followed:
1. Prepare a roll of dispensing platform tape (both yellow and blue random).


  1. Pull the platform tape away from one end of the platform to the other along the edge of the platform. Then cut with scissors.



  1. Adhere to the first piece of the attached platform tape, and affix the second platform tape. Make it flat. Make sure that there is no gap between the two platform tapes, tiny gap is allowed. but do not overlap.


  1. Apply the tape to the platform in the same way. If necessary, use a knife to remove the tape that is attached to the outside of the platform.


Printing-plate leveling

Click "Prepare" "Automatic Homing" After the machine stops, "turn off the stepper drive".


Move the bumps manually to the four positioning points on the platform to adjust screws on the platform, so as to level the platform, after adjustment, manually move the nozzle, leaving a layer of shallow traces on the working platform, the traces should not be too deep. When the nozzle is moved if the textured paper on the platform is scratched, which indicates that the platform is too close to the nozzle. When moving, there is a clear gap between the platform and the head or the material moves along with the printhead during printing. The consumables do not stick to the platform. Which means the distance is too far.





Install the slicing software, slice and generate an executable file (.gcode), see for details please refer to the sectioning software installation instructions.

Start printing
(1) Import the model you want to print into the slicing software. After setting the parameters, click File—Save G Code to generate G code. Note that the file name cannot be Chinese or special characters.
(2) Before printing, transfer the G code of the model you want to print to the SD card, insert the SD card into the slot on the right side of the machine, and note the front and back sides of the card.
(3) Press the button to enter the menu, select "by memory card", find the name of the file to be printed, press the button to confirm, the nozzle starts heating automatically to the preset temperature and starts printing.

1) Before printing, please attach a textured paper on the printing plate so that after the printing is completed, the printout peeling off the platform will be easier. Make sure the PLA supplies are sufficient to complete this print, otherwise please replace consumables before printing.

2) During the printing process, the nozzle temperature reaches a high temperature of 205 to 210°C. Do not place body parts or inflammable or explosive materials near the nozzle.

3) At the beginning of printing, observe whether the consumables are tightly stuck on the platform. If there is no problem, you can leave; otherwise, please readjust the platform.

Finish printing

When the printing process is finished, the nozzle will automatically return to the home position. Be careful when removing the model from the platform.


Be sure not to damage the blue tape when you take the model. After finishing the removal, you can use the utility knife to gently scrape the surface of the platform tape and evenly flatten the place where the platform tape is lifted for the next printing. If the platform tape is seriously damaged, you will need to reapply the platform tape to the print plate.

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