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LD-001 Light-curing 3D printer

LD-001 Light-curing 3D printer


Desktop light-curing 3D printer

The material used for light-curing printing is called "photopolymer" and remain liquid at room temperature. After irradiation with UV light, Polymerization occurs and then completes curing. The solidified layer on the original cured project is superimposed and printed, it then comes out as a three-dimensional model. Light curing can reach 10um and is more accurate than other forming principles.




LD-001 printing parameter




3.5-inch color touchable screen

X, Y resolution

47 microns (2560*1440)

Z-axis accuracy

0.02mm-0.05mm (layer thickness)

printing speed


Forming size


layer thickness

25-100 micron

Light source configuration

Ultraviolet integrated lamp beads (wavelength 405nm)

Operating system

Windows XP onwards

Special consumables

Ordinary light grease, denture special light fat jewelry lost wax casting mold material

Rated power


Printing method


Forming technology

LCD screen light- curing molding

Slicing software

CS3D Slicer 1.0 (Chinese & English)


LD-001 Features
The LD-001 allows for complex models that only need to be molded once and maintains micrometer-level accuracy, which is 4 times more accurate than SLA;
• Prints 70 Tooth crowns and 20 rings at a regular size at a time, making it easy to print small consumer electronics.
• Whereas the majority of the market uses the open-source Raspberry Pi system, the  LD-001 uses its own proprietary CS3D system to achieve the advantage of faster slice speeds, off-line printing, WiFi control, and self-renewal.
• Full chassis injection molding, which leads to a more stable structure & more convenient assembly and adjustment;
• Full-color touch screen, fast & efficient.


Open source system compared with a self-developed system

System parameters

Open source system

CS3D 1.0

Hard disk

raspberry pie

CS Board 2.0

System Upgrade

Waiting for an open source system upgrade

CS3D is regularly updated

printing method


USB、offine、 online

MAC system

Not support


Slice speed


5 times faster slicing speed


Complex configuration

Plug and play



Independently developed system, faster slicing speed, offline printing, WiFi control, independent update;

3.5-inch color touch screen with advanced operational control.

Innovative design, allows for daily adjustments, makes refueling more convenient, & saves you money.



Fine adjustment of the module and screw rod to ensure product stability;


Automatically levels the platform without complicated operations, making it easier to use;


The CS3D touch display system supports real-time preview of models, allowing you to intuitively find the files you want to select for printing.


Real offline printing
Most of the light-curing printers available on the market use Raspberry Pi microcomputers for offline printing. The CS3D system supports offline printing. You can not only use wired Ethernet but also WiFi and USB to connect printers.

CS3D slicing software

Independent research and development system, drawing processing has been made smoother and more. For most open source slicing systems (such as CW), a 20m STL file slice takes 21 minutes while CS3D only needs 3 minutes.


Insert drawings and slice


Export to U disk after slicing, insert device for offline printing


LD-001 sample demonstration   

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Second
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