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Company Introduction

Mech Solutions Ltd is a Canada-based 3D Printing company. We manufacture and sell all types of 3D printers, filaments and accessories, and also we provide 3D printing and mechanical design services. Our team are professional and passionate in products and services we provide, and we are reputable for high standard customer services. We are the best in providing comprehensive consultation about the 3D Printers and other services, and customers also enjoy after-sell services including free guidance for beginner users 7 days a week. Our value is to give customers most reliable and enjoyable services and products with most competitive prices in the market.

Our Founder

Mech Solution Ltd was founded by Dr. Henry Zhou who has many years of industry and academic researching experience in the Mechanical industry. He obtained his mechanical engineering PhD degree from Imperial College London, UK, supervised by Royal Academic Chair of Britain. After completion, Dr, Zhou continued his research at the University of Toronto, as a Postdoctoral Fellow before and worked in the mechanical consulting company before he founded Mech Solutions Ltd. He has been involved in writing ASTM standard during his study and published many journal and conference papers with the emphasis on computational fracture mechanics. Dr. Zhou has mastered the most popular coding language and design, 3D printing, and simulation software.


“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Our Team

Mech Solutions Ltd is built with a group of internationally educated and talented professionals. Our human resources and hardware are in multiple countries including Canada, China, USA, and UK. We aim to attract the greatest people to work for us to ensure that we will deliver the best value to our customer.

Service in 3D printing, FEA, CAD, DEM, CFD, IT based in Toronto, GTA, Canada
Design, Simulation and R&D group

Responsible for CAD design, FEA, DEM, and CFD simulation projects, and R&D projects using programming skills to write user-defined subroutine.

Service in 3D printing, FEA, CAD, DEM, CFD, IT based in Toronto, GTA, Canada
3D Printing group

Responsible for preliminary consulting service, 3D model optimization, post-processing such as polishing and coloring, and delivery.

Service in 3D printing, FEA, CAD, DEM, CFD, IT based in Toronto, GTA, Canada
Information Technology group

Working on the front-end design and development, database and software development under the enviornment of PC, industrial PC, web, and mobile/tablet.

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$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Second
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