About Us

About Us

Hello and welcome to Mechestore the one stop shop for all your 3D printing needs. Mech E store serves as the digital store front for Mech Solutions Ltd, Mechsolutions was founded in 2016 by Dr. Henry Zhou, which aimed to provide the best consultancy services for 3D printing and industrial design. As Mechsolutions grew we started to branch off into selling 3D printers and accessories to our customers. To better serve our loyal customers the online store was created so provide the best quality printers and printing accessories for affordable prices all in one location. With our continued success Mech E store has quickly become one of Canada’s largest 3D printer retailers.

Why Choose Us?

  • When making a purchase through Mechestore you’ll receive several benefits.
  • Purchasing through Mechestore gives you the ability to contact one of our trained associates to help you with any questions or support you need.
  • We’re available to talk and our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect product for your needs.
  • Mechestore offers some of the best prices in Canada as well as a wide range of product lines to choose from.
  • For any purchase over $69.99 we offer free shipping in Canada! Also, we ship worldwide!

Our Services

Mech E-store Provides wide range of services to Customers

 3D Printer Retail

Retail Business

Mech E Store is your one stop shop for all things 3d printing. We carry a lot of different 3d printers and 3d printing accessories with competitive prices and free shipping options. Because of this Mech E Store has become one of Canada’s most popular 3D printer retailers

3D Printer Rental

Rental Service

We understand the need of some customers that need access to a 3d printer for a short time but do not want to buy one. With this concern in mind Mech Solutions Offers 3D Printer rental services through our physical location

 Training Classes

Training Classes

Mech Solutions Ltd offers 3d printing informational sessions and training courses to help you get started in the vast field of additive manufacturing. Our tutorial Services cater to every age group and skill level because of our knowledgeable staff

Printing Design

3D Printing & Design

Being the leaders in 3d printing retailing, it comes to no surprise that we are also pros at designing parts. Whether it’s simple parts for a small project or complicated designs with crazy internal structures, out knowledgeable staff can guide you through the designing and printing process.

What we sell

3D Printer

We carry Creality, Tevo, Wanahao and Flashforge products that will be sure to meet your requirements

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image


Whether you are making a tough and durable part or a detailed model we have the filament you’ll need

3D Printer Products

From customized 3d printed moon lamp to 3d printed filament holders we sell a variety of unique 3d printed produtcs

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image

3D Pen

The Mech Pen Pro and the Mech Pen are our very own line of high quality 3d pens which make a nice addition to your 3d printing collection

Watch Video

Learn more about Mech E-store & Mech Solutions and what we can offer you.

Our video showcases our newest store and showroom in Concord, Vaughan Canada, to give you a inside look at how Mechestore and Mech Solutions works. Check out our wall of creations and filament displays to see what Mech solutions can provide. Our showroom has a variety of printers ready all of which are for sale! If you’d like to visit the showroom, we can be found at 56 Pennsylvania Ave #8, Concord, ON. Thanks for watching and happy printing!

Mech School

Mech Solutions Ltd has tremendous information about the 3d printing industry and can convey that knowledge through information sessions and tutorials. Our information sessions provide to customers at all level, varying in skill levels. Our company also provides tutorials on 3d printing to groups of people teaching them about FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology and the parts used by machines that utilize this 3d printing technology.

We offer 3D Pen, 3D Design, and 3D Printing educational courses for all age groups. The educational courses focus on various aspects of 3D Model deisn and additive manufacturing techniques. The courses are taught to students of various school levels from grade school to high school.

With the help of these courses, students will be sure to understand the various aspects of 3D design and 3D printing technology. We also offer tutorials and informational sessions to more mature audiences in the seminar format.

Mech Solutions is commited to providing educational services to the maker community in order to cultivate the minds of the younger generation as well as to provide a service to the hardened and experienced makers. We strive for excelence and as a result we attract excelence and we will continue to do so