Change Notice

Chart 1711

For CR-10/10S/400/500



AfterCotton Ender 3

CR-10/10S/400/500 hotbeds are shown as below sans any insulation cotton.

(1) Insulation cotton sized 280*280*5 is added on the back of the original hotbed to R-10/10S(2) Insulation cotton sized 380*380*5 is added on the back of the original hotbed of CR-10-400/500


Chart170927. H-01

For CR-10 500

CR-10 support

1.  The holder shown above is added

2.     Added 2 additional sets screws (M4*8 and 2 T-nuts M4)


Chart 1711

For CR-10S/400/500


BeforeExtruder frame

AfterMetal extruder frame

CR-10S/500 and CR-10-400 frames for the extruders was a black plastic frame

Newer versions has a red metal frame


Chart 2018004

For CR-2020



CR-2020 frame


CR2020 new frame

(1) The cr-2020 “400109025” frame for it’s extruder of was causing issues.

(2) The hole on the frame where the filament goes through is too big.

(1) Changed the frame to 400109079

(2) This Decrease the size of the hole so that the filament can go through smoothly.


Chart 2017012

For CR-10/10s/300/400/500




1. The nozzle will be heated at the same time as the bed when using PLA and ABS filaments. To only heat the filament you need to go through a submenu.

3 The E access could only the nozzle once it was heated to 170 degrees centigrade.

1.Only nozzle will be heated for PLA and ABS, and they will be preheated on the Main interface

3 The Electronic access can move freely without nozzle having to be heated beforehand.


Chart 2018002

For CR-10 300/400/500

Before3D printer screws

AfterNew 3D printer screws

Required four M4*8 and M4T Nuts

Requires Three m4*16 Screws


Chart 2017007

For CR-10/10s 300/400/500

BeforeCR-10 motherboard


CR-10 motherboard fan

1, Continuing the previous printing when the printer restart after power off

2.Only available on the Chinese system 

1. After a power down, you have the choice if you want to continue the previous printing on the main Operating interface.

2. The function can be changed between Chinese and English.


Chart 2018005




The CR-10 used a singular controllable fan interface.

Added one controllable fan interface and one uncontrollable fan interface


Chart 2018010

For Cr-10 400/500

BeforeY Access block


Single part access block

Previously two parts combined as the Y access control block.

The Y access control block has been optimized as a singular part

Chart 2018003

for CR-f10/10 mini/ 400/500


BeforeCR-10s coupling


CR-10 mini Coupling

 Old Rigid coupling

 New Secure coupling