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Please use the following guidelines when contacting us:

When contacting us for a project(s) quote, include as much information as possible. The most details that you give to us, the quicker we can send you an accurate quote. Use the following list as a guideline for what to enter in this contact form.

Material data sheet
Information includes: data, framework, requirement in Word, 3D CAD model (.igs or .stp format files), or 2D sketch with all dimension info.
For our design service: detailed requirement, 2D sketch (with all dimension info.), 3D CAD model, mate conditions, etc.
For 3D printing: preferred.SLA or. OBJ format for our examination. Other formats are also applicable.
For FEA/CFD/DEM simulation: detailed material property and load, boundary condition.
For IT service: detailed framework, workflow, brainstone, or list of requirements.

If you are uploading a file over the size of 15M, please enter the name of the file into this contact form and then upload it to the clients’ FTP center.

For general inquiries, use this contact form.

If you need us to visit your company, please enter your request in the message box of this contact form. Also, enter the details and directions to your company’s location.

For questions about partnerships please contact with your personal or business details.

Questions about possible careers opportunities should also include an opening statement in the message box as to why you feel that you would be a great fit for Mech Solutions.

If your question refers to customer service, please leave a short description of what product or service you were using. (E.g PLA filaments, Ender 3 3D printer)

Have a question about your delivery? Please leave a message with your tracking code included. If you didn’t receive a tracking code, please leave your email in the message and will be sure to send you the tracking code immediately.

If you’re looking to return/refund or exchange one of your Mech Solutions products, please head over to to see if your products qualify for a return. If they do qualify for a refund, please head over to

For questions about marketing, please email or ensure that marketing is chosen in the about drop-down menu.

    If you need more space than this contact form supplies, you can email your detailed quote request or your questions to

    You can also contact us by telephone for more details.