Creality CR-10S Pro : A Detailed Overview:


Today we’ll be diving deep into the specifications and features one of Creality’s top of the line printers, the CR10-S Pro. The CR10-S Pro is an impressive printer with a lot of user-friendly features,  currently offered by Mech E-Store. The Creality CR-10 was released in July 2016 and is the fourth-generation printer in the Creality series. It is indeed a new and improved model of the Creality CR10-S, with several upgrades that we’ll be going over.

What’s to love about the CR10-S Pro ?

A Sturdy Design

Overall, the printer looks simple and clean. All components and electronics are now integrated inside the metal box, instead of having a separate control box from the printer. The frame is stiff and solid and with a with a weight of 14 kg, it’s bound to be heavy and stable. The upgraded x carriage has a 24W filament cooling fan.

cr-10s pro sturdy design

Matrix Bed Leveling

Creality has finally ditched the Z-stop micro switch from past models and replaced it with an adjustable sensor probe by the hot end for precision auto-leveling. With a single press of the button “Check level” the hotend will position at 16 different points of the bedon a 4x4 grid and perform automatic level adjustments.

Leveling Nut

A New Updated Extruder

The new Bowden extruder has been upgraded to all aluminum, and it comes with a double gear which is much smoother, stronger, and it should be able to better handle flexible filaments than before. The filament run-out switch is also made from aluminum, and it also has a blue LED that indicates the presence of filament.

Creality cr-10s pro extruder


Creality has also upgraded the tubing to high quality Capricorn PTFE tubing which withstands 300 °C. It also means the CR-10s Pro is capable of printing Carbon, Nylon, PC ABS and other filaments requiring more than 250 °C.

Teflon Tube creality cr-10s pro

Huge Build Volume

The Creality CR10-S Pro comes with a huge build volume of 300mm*300mm*400m, making it larger than most other desktop 3D printers that are currently in the market.

cr-10s pro large printing size

Simplified User Interface

As soon as you turn on the printer, the first thing you’ll notice the large and colorful 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen and a simple UI. The menu is laid out well with several large labels and easy-to-read pictures. For adjusting values in the settings, such as temperature or print speed, a key pad pops up do that you can quickly change it to the value what you want. At the top of the main menu, you can also easily dial up or down the volume of the beeps.


crreality cr-10 s pro lcd

Resume Print Function

The print resume functionality of the printer allows you to pause and resume prints, this can become especially helpful for large scale models. The CR-10S Pro will be able to pick up printing from where it left off after a power cut, or if you want to pause and swap out filaments.

creality cr-10s pro resume power printing function

Filament Detection

The CR-10S Pro feature filament runout detection, which will pause the print to allow you to put in a new roll of filament, or continue where you left off in the case of an unexpected power surge.

 cr-10s pro filament detection

Branded Power Supply

The power supply is a branded and certified Mean Well, a reputable brand that’s known for the reliability and safety of their PSUs.

Creality 3D CR-10S Pro 3D Printer | Black Upgrade Meanwell Power Supply

Quick Heating Bed

The bed can reach up to its maximum of 110°C within 5 minutes and can hold temperatures suitable for printing a variety of filaments.

Impressive Print Quality

The strongest part of this printer is its printing quality. For each of the prints, it was evident that there was consistent and beautiful extrusion which produced some really nice detail.

Final thoughts on the Creality CR-10S Pro

This printer provides superior printing quality and unrivaled printing volume of 300x300x400mm for a price of $900 on Mech E-Store. It is easy to assemble and perfect for beginners, however its ease of use will also please to the more advanced hobbyists.

The printer has had several upgrades with their redesign, namely a new branded power supply, a full aluminum extruder, proximity sensor for automatic bed leveling, filament run out sensor, and a responsive and vibrant touchscreen. Not to mention, the CR-10S Pro is compact and neat, and having all of its electronics packed neatly within it’s main body.