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Technical Issues

  • I can't get my print leveled at all in the center, what can I do?

    Sometimes the glass is bowed from the centre during the manufacturing process. This can some times be fixed by flipping the piece of glass and retrying the leveling procedure. and If you experience this issue please contact us and we will be able to tell you if it is eligible for a replacement.

  • My 3D printer isn't extruding at the start of my print, what can I do?

    If your filament isn't flowing at the begining of your print there are common issues that might be affecting it.

    • The Extruder was not preheated before the start of a print
    • The extruder itself is clogged
    • The filament has been broken by the drive gear (meaning the drive gear was to tight and damaging the filament)
    • The nozzle was too close to the bed causing the filament to shoot back up into the extruder
  • What software should I use to print?

    We advise using Cura, slic3r, simplify3D to use. For Flashforge 3D printer, they have their own software Flashprint.

  • What software should I use to design?

    You can use any CAD software to generate your own models. You can print them as long as your CAD software supports STL files as an export option. Some commonly used softwares are Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 and Tinkercad.

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Order & Payment

  • How do I place my order?

    At Mech E-Store we have several ways to make your order, which include Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Interac Online, Paypal, Interac Email transfer, certified cheque, TD direct deposit, and wire transaction. If you want to purchase online, the best way is to use credit card or Paypal.

  • How can I cancel my orders before I make a payment?

    After logging into your account, go to your shopping cart. You will be available to cancel your order and make the necessary changes you need to make.

    If you order it over the phone or email, please call or email us to confirm the cancellation of your order.

  • How to cancel the order I've placed?

    If you have placed your order and payment has been made and you want to cancel, simply call us +1 9058796324 or email us with your Order# and Name. Please include your reason for requesting the cancellation. To ensure that your order is cancelled in a timely manner, calling would be the better option. If your order is shipped prior to receiving your cancellation request, shipping charges will not be refunded to you.

    Please be advised we do not offer refunds for items that are not defective. The best option we can provide is a store credit.

  • I placed my order but did not get a shipment tracking number?

    Once you receive your order confirmation via email it will show your order number. This number is what you can use to get your shipment tracking number. Email or call us and we can provide you with the shipment tracking number as sometimes it is generated later upon placing your order.

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Delivery & Pick up

  • What is the ETA and how is it deterimined?

    The usual ETA for our orders are between 3-5 business days. This excludes weekends & statutory holidays. We send out our products during our business hours (Mon-Fri, 9:30-5:30pm)

  • What to estimate the shipping cost?

    When you select an order online, in the shipping section there is an option to choose different shipping method with different cost.

  • Do I need to make an appointment for pick up?

    If you come during our working time, which is Monday to Friday, 9.30-17.30 EST, you do not need make an appointment, however, if you want to come during weekend, please come after you get the approval

  • Why is my order delayed?

    We aim to provide adequate services to our customers however there are certain factors that might impede on our ability to stick with our standard ETA. For more information on what those might be please look at our delivery policy.

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Warranty & Protection

  • What is your warranty for my product?

    We have 1-year and 30-day warranty policy for our products, please read warranty policy page for more details.

  • What is your exchange/return policy?

    If you order 3D printer, filament, 3d printer accessories from us, we accept return if you don’t like it, for more details, please go to return/exchange policy page

  • If I receive defect items, what can I do?

    If it is manufacturing and packing defect, we will notify and send a replacement as soon as one becomes available to ship.

  • Is it safe to purchase your product/service online?

    We understand how important it is to protect all your personal information. Whether you make an in-store purchase or shopping online we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding the personal and business information entrusted to us.

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General Inquires

If you are interested in partnership, marketing/PR, join us and other general inquires, please contact us with below.

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