FAQ: Order & Payment

About Order

How do I place my order?

At Mech Solutions we have several ways to make your order, which include Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Interac Online, Paypal, Interac Email transfer, certified cheque, TD direct deposit, and wire transaction. To learn more about our payment methods and for assistance in setting up bill payment,

How do I sign into my account and change/update my payment method?

The price depends on several criteria, including (but not limited to):

  • The physical quantity of material used for the end objects
  • The total quantity of material used during the manufacturing process (supports, offcuts)
  • Total machine time for the manufacturing process
  • Time spent in post-processing, quality control and packaging

We will send you the quotation before processing your project.

How do I cancel my orders before I make a payment?

After logging into your account, go to your shopping cart. You will be available to cancel your order and make the necessary changes you need to make.

If you order it over the phone or email, please call or email us to confirm the cancellation of your order.

How to cancel and order I’ve placed?

If you have placed your order and payment has been made and you want to cancel, simply call or email us with your Order# and Name. Please include your reason for requesting the cancellation. To ensure that your order is cancelled in a timely manner, calling would be the better option. If your order is shipped prior to receiving your cancellation request, shipping charges will not be refunded to you.

Please be advised we do not offer refunds for items that are not defective. The best option we can provide is a store credit.

I placed my order but did not get a shipment tracking number?

Once you receive your order confirmation via email it will show your order number. This number is what you can use to get your shipment tracking number. Email or call us and we can provide you with the shipment tracking number as sometimes it is generated later upon placing your order.

About Payment

What payment methods are available online?

You will have the option to select Credit Card, Interac Online, Paypal as your method of payment

What payment methods can I choose for long-term design project?

If the project needs to take couple of months, you need to fulfill payment every 2 weeks according to our working hours or the fixed price. Delay of payment may cause delay of your project. We prefer certified cheques for long-term project.

Can I pay using PayPal without a PayPal account?

Yes! One of the most common perceptions of PayPal is that an account is needed to use it before payments can be made but that is not the case. In actuality you do not need a Paypal account to use the item.

For more details, click here to see how Paypal works for you.

How do I know my payment method (by way of debit or credit card) information will be secure once sent over the internet?

Mech Solutions takes strong measures to protect the information of our clients. We guarantee that all transactions are 100% safe and secure. To read more details about how to protect your payment information, please visit our payment policy page.

I have a promo code how do I use it for my purchase?

With the promo code you will insert it where the discount codes go an apply it your purchase. If that method does not work, please call or email us.

Order From Us

How can I process the order?

Please fill out the form on our get a quote page, some of our specialist will contact you and send you the quotation, once you agree with the price, please pay and let us process the manufacturing.

Can I pay when I pick up the item?

Due to the nature of customized product, we have to process before we receive the payment.

It is urgent project; can I get it quicker?

The biggest strength for 3D printed signage is it can be much quicker than tranditial signage business, the normal process time is 3-5 days, additional charge may apply if you request prompt manufacturing.