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Technical Issue

Creality 3D Printer

My printer doesn’t recognize the SD card in the printer.

My printer won’t response after I turned it on.

Display screen shows an overlap or an incomplete section.

My display screen won’t show information it only shows a blue boarder with white box.

The nozzle and bed start to heat up automatically after turning the printer on.

My nozzle or hot bed won’t heat up.

The nozzle on my printer won’t heat up (continue)

Extruder not working.

I keep getting a display error showing “MINTEMP”

The Display shows “MAXTEMP”

The motor won’t work.

My display shows “error change filament”

Z motors movement isn’t synchronized

The Nozzle is clogged, and no filament is coming out

Filament isn’t sticking on the build plate.

Tevo 3D Printer

Does TEVO Tornado 3D Printer have CE certificate?

Will it come with the heatbed? How thick is the heatbed? Does TEVO Tornado 3D Printer support auto leveling?

Should i buy an adaptor to connect it with PC?

Where can i download the user manual of it?

Will it come with test filament?

Why not extruding at start of print?

Why not extruding enough plastic?

why there are holes and gaps in the top layers?

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