Safety Sheet

Now that you’ve gotten a 3D printer there are a couple of safety tips that you should know about. First and foremost, avoid touching the nozzle well it is hot. The Nozzle will generally be hotter than 200 degrees and give a very bad burn should you touch it accidentally or on purpose. Most people get burned by the nozzle because they want to clean off some extra filament that was right beside it, if this happens make sure to clean with pen or other long thin (nonflammable) object.

The next section is about ABS and its effects. ABS is a very strong reliable filament, but it does have the ability to emit toxic fumes when being melted. It’s best to have an open window or some type of ventilation when printing with ABS. Another major factor to take into consideration when printing with ABS is that the plastic itself won’t be safe for food products even after being cooled down. Please don’t make plates, cups or eating implements with ABS as you might inadvertently poison yourself. Finally, when printing with ABS watch for the awful scent that can be smelt during the printing process. To those with strong senses of smell, this might quickly become overbearing.


Protective measures to avoid the long-term effects of breathing in ABS filament one should either be a. wear a surgical mask or b. ensure there is ventilation in the printing area.

On the other hand, PLA and PETG are safe for food products to be eating on and don’t emit toxic fumes.

Another major issue of concern for 3D printing is lose hair or clothing that might get caught in the moving machine parts of the printer which will rip and tear whatever it catches. When 3D printing it’s best to leave a good amount of space between you and the printer unless it’s turned off so it can be safely fixed.